Welcome to Cleveland Emotional Health Courses! This is the place to learn many important things about your mental health that you may not already know, but you really want to know. My first course (which is now available) is on alleviating your anxiety which is a very interesting, educational and interactive course.

What is nice about this course is that you that can engage with it on your time, privately, or with your family. Each lesson contains text, video, and downloadable worksheets where you can either type or write your thoughts and answers. You also have a comment area where you can interact with your questions and share thoughts.

~Here's to your better mental health!

What students are saying...

"I had no idea how avoiding my anxiety was making it worse! I learned so much from this course. Thank you Catherine!"

~ Michael R.

"I recommend this course because what I was doing to alleviate my anxiety was not working and now I know why!" 

~ Rhina F.